What is a Content Management System or CMS?

This video will help you to know why CMS known as Content Management System is the finest technology you can use to make your website.

You might have heard about the word CMS. And, in this article, we will explain what is CMS, or content management system is, and why it is important to you.

What is CMS?

So, a content management system or CMS manages the creation and modification of digital content for your business website. It’s software, that empowers you to create, and manage content on your website including its design, texts, graphics, and even code you see.

It’s the architecture of your online presence. Landing pages, pillar pages, product pages, service pages, all the pages are part of your CMS.

A couple of CMS examples that you may have heard of are, WordPress, Hubspot, Joomla, Squarespace, Drupal, Wix, and the list goes on and on.

Importance of Content Management System

Now, why it is important for your company. Well, the best CMS helps you build a website, without writing all the code from scratch, or even know how to code at all.

So, instead of building your own system for creating web pages storing images, and other functions. a CMS handles all that basic infrastructure stuff for you so that you can focus more on front-end parts of your website, and of course on your business.

How to use a Content Management System?

Now, you might be wondering how you can use a CMS for your company. well, it’s like this. First, the basics. Use a CMS to build a website. If you have a one-page site or nothing at all, you really need to get on board here.

you can’t build a business on social media alone. what will happens when Facebook changes its rules or shut down for some reason, or your content is gone. That’s why you have to have a proper website.

Use a CMS to build that website. Next use a CMS to make website management easier, create that on a preset template. The templates are great. It gives you a clear visualization of your website in advance. And, you can build into it with your content easily. Just like using Microsoft office.

But most importantly, find a CMS that fits your needs and style and what you understand easily. Because not all CMS are the same. Some of those have a bit of a learning curve but have great power, and some of those are more user-friendly and easy to manage.


So, there you go. Now you know what CMS is, and why you need this. If you like this please share it with your friends. You can also check out more of the videos related to website strategies from here on YouTube.

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