How to know if a website is secure?

You can be the next victim of a hacker if you do not know if a website is secure to browse. Check this video to know how to be safe online.

Nowadays, people are concern about browsing a safe site. Because, we all are doing it all the time, literally for everything. But first, let us explain why you should care about it? Why do you need to know if a website is secure or not?

Browse a safe site

Well, in recent days we have become more and more online-based. We have everything at our fingertips now. Information, entertainment, banking, and especially the online marketplace became huge in the last few years.

This huge virtual world has lots of intruders and thefts also. They are constantly looking for your personal information like your password, your bank information, your locations, and so on.

Now let’s say, you are browsing an insecure online shop, and you liked a shoe. So you want to buy it. And for that, you have to put your credit card information on the website.

As you put the information, a hacker who is keeping an eye in between the path of your browser and the server, pickup your personal bank information. And can use it to spend your money anytime.

So to ensure the security of your personal information, you should look for a few things before you put information on any website.

How to know if a website is secure to visit?

First of all, never trust any random website, just because it offers a 70% discount. Always stick with the popular ones. Ensure it has a physical address, a phone number that you can call and talk to a real person, an email address that does not reply with a preset template.

You know, these are the basic ones. Now, let’s get a bit technical here.

So secondly, look for HTTPS:// in the browser URL before the website address. It means the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. But be careful, it has to be HTTPS not HTTP. HTTP is just Hypertext Transfer Protocol but without the security.

This additional security uses one of two protocols. The first one is SSL. It is more popular and used by most websites nowadays. And the second one is TLS. it is the latest industry-standard protocol.

So, if the website you are browsing has HTTPS and SSL, or TLS, you will see a padlock like this πŸ”’ in the browser URL tab. This padlock will ensure that the information you’re putting on the website is encrypted, and no hacker can read this in any way.


So, there you go. Now you know if a website is secure to browse. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. You can also check out more of the videos related to website strategies from here on YouTube

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