5 Reasons why you should choose WordPress over other CMS

If you don’t know how to code but need a website within the budget, then WordPress is your best option. let’s check why choose WordPress.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most famous giant of the internet, WordPress, and why you should choose this over other CMS. So, WordPress is a free platform. And initially, it was to build blogs. But, now it is using for the content management system (CMS) for many websites.

Why choose WordPress?

The use of WordPress CMS is on a large scale all over the world. A large number of developers are choosing WordPress as a solution when setting up their website. Let’s correctly understand why to choose WordPress to set up your business or personal website.

No doubt, there are lots of benefits of WordPress. But we are going to discuss the top 5 reasons why you choose and should be sticking to WordPress. So, let’s get started with the number 1 pros of getting started with WordPress.

01. Open Source

It is open-source, which means to say WordPress is free. Now many programmers share their code online. It results in the ability of users to save development time and cost by using the existing code. And WordPress, it’s having all the code as open-source. And that is the number one cause why you want to get started with WordPress.

02. Convenience 

The number two reason is convenience. WordPress is for the majority of the market. So, the admin interface is convenient and friendly to non-professionals or nontech persons. Now WordPress is a simple system to operate. The webmasters hardly need to spend any time to learn the system before he or she can begin with working on the website or editing some contents. Besides, the system is super simple. The system is actually very easy to install.

03. Fast Building

That brings us to the next point it’s first web-building ability. One of the main advantages of building a website with WordPress is the ability to be easily installed on the hosting server. So that webmasters can start within no time and can start building sites. On top of that, you can find hundreds and thousands of themes in the website like ThemeForest. It will help you set up a business website faster.

You could check the following video to understand how easy it is to make website using WordPress

04. Price

The next point is the pricing. I know we have used the word open source. But WordPress development is cheaper than the traditional method. In which to design a website using full-stack technologies like nod.js or PR ASP. It’s much less expensive than that. Also, there are hundreds and hundreds of freelance developers out there who are ready to do your project and make it live.

05. Plug-ins

Finally, bringing up to our next point, which is plug-ins. You need video support; there is a plug-in, or a live chat, there is a plug-in, even a map, there is a plug-in for that. So, WordPress comes up with thousands and thousands of plug-ins that can do a lot of jobs for you. 


To sum up, we can say WordPress opens a big door for the noncoder community to build up their website without the coder community’s help. Have we missed any vital reason here? Let us know in the comments. What do you think about “why choose WordPress”? And, if you feel worth of share, please don’t forget to do so.

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