Legal pages for website – how to legally protect your website

In this video, we’ll know about policy or legal pages for website, and how to legally protect a website. Watch more from our Youtube channel.

In this article, we will talk about the policy or legal pages for website. Policy pages are compulsory for any website nowadays. Basically, the privacy policy page, terms & conditions page, cookie policy page are known as policy pages. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos like this.

Importance of Policy Pages

So now, why are these important? Well, it is a legal requirement in almost every country nowadays. And, as you see, every website has these pages, either it is an e-commerce site like Amazon or just a corporate website like Microsoft.

Privacy Policy Page

First, let’s talk about the privacy policy page, one of the very important legal pages for website. This page contains an elaborate explanation about data collections from users. Like, what kind of data the site is going to collect, what is the purpose of it, what they are going to do with these data, how are going to preserve these data, and so on.

Terms and Conditions Page

But the privacy policy page does not contain information about, user eligibility, support or Warranty, payment policy, refund or return policy, or liabilities. And, you can not skip this information, if you are selling anything. So, for this information, you have to put another page called, terms & conditions page. This is one of the legal pages for website whcih has to contain all the information, point by point, for the users or your clients regarding your products’ usage, and service.

Cookie Policy Page

Now, you might see a pop up on lots of websites when you first visit. Normally, you click accept and move on. But this is actually consent. By this pop-up, the site is asking for your consent on which data are going to collect from you and they are going to use these. By clicking accept, you are giving permission to use it. 

We will discuss it in detail in another article.

Laws of Privacy Policy Page

So, lot’s of countries legalized it by various acts, and these are compulsory for any kind of site. Such as, America has the “Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002”, to ensure the protection of users information, and European countries have “The EU Cybersecurity Act” and GDPR or “General Data Protection Regulation”, to do the same.

According to these acts, a website not only just has to have the policy pages, but also it should be easy to navigate and find on a website. And, the language should be easy to understand to their users. And, if needed, it should be in multiple languages.

These acts also state that, if you are collecting information from a minor, or collecting any sensitive information, you have to take additional measures or consent to do so.


So, there you go. Now you know why you need policy pages on your website. You can comment below if you have any questions. If you like this please share it with your friends.

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