Responsive web design tutorial in Figma

In this video, we’ll learn about the responsive web design tutorial by Figma. Let’s check this tutorial and learn Figma in a better way

In this video, you will learn about the responsive web design tutorial by Figma Breakpoints plugin. This is the second part of the 2 part series on UI design process A to Z. If you are interested to watch a similar tutorial, We are providing regular video tutorials on Figma, PLEASE visit our youtube channel.

This video cover:

  • Responsive web design tutorial
  • Figma breakpoints
  • Responsive design figma
  • Typography figma
  • Type scale
  • Figma constraints and resizing,

Figma Breakpoint plugin is really handy for designers to make an adaptive responsive design in Figma. It let you set breakpoints so that it can respond as per screen size. And, for this plugin, the Responsive design Figma setup became more dynamic.

Typography is vital for any good design. If you are learning UI Design. You should look for typography tutorials. We also covered a basic typography Figma-based setup.

If you are designing a desktop view into a table view design or mobile view design. You need to understand the Type Scale. We did discuss in this Figma tutorial how to do type scale.

In Figma constraints and resizing is another thing to understand. We showed how to do that too in the video.

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This Figma for Beginners tutorial will help you to learn design in Figma with lots of Figma tips and tricks.

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