Figma website design tutorial of Dairy product company

This video is on Figma website design tutorial for a dairy product company as a corporate business website.

We did this Figma website design tutorial for a dairy product company. This is a very minimal website design but at the same time with a modern touch. The brand is called milkman. And we designed it using the latest Figma design.

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We had to keep in mind a few things before we started working on this Figma web design. Because we are going to convert this Figma to a website. A real functional website. We will do that using the Elementor page builder in WordPress.

WordPress Elementor page builder is a powerful page builder in WordPress nowadays. And this web design in Figma will be very easy to convert into a real website using this page builder. But the challenge here is, we are going to use the free version of the Elementor page builder.

Website Mock-up to real site

So, during our Figma website design, we have to consider the limitations of the Free Elementor version. Because the free version only has 40 drag and drop blocks to use. And this Figma website mockup is designed with that kept in mind.

But during this Figma website mockup design, we used every opportunity to make it as good-looking as possible. That’s why the conversion of Figma to a website might miss a few UI details. Rather than that. It will be a gorgeous-looking website.

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