Typography design for website UI – typography design

This video on UI design typography which plays an esthetic role in UI design. But only if you know about Typography Design and its rules.

For any user interface, design, or user experience design text is something you can not eliminate. This is one of the most vital parts of a UI/UX design. And, for UI design typography plays an esthetic role also. But only if you know about Typography Design.

This video cover:

  • UI design typography
  • Typography design
  • How to use typography
  • What is typography in design
  • Typography UI design
  • Web typography best practices

Typography design is not some small topic, which can be covered within a 2-minute video. It has lots of grammars to understand. But we tried our best to cover the most important topic from this large world. And, we also tried our best to cover web typography best practices.

This video will not just help you to understand that what is typography in design but also how to use typography in several aspects of UI/UX.

There is no doubt that if you understand your typography UI design, you will get richer and more mature. And, for that, we tried our best to explain this huge topic in simple words with proper graphics needed.

In a website UI design, a collapsible menu is one frequent use element. Not just in FAQs, but it is also used to organize complex menus in a more interactive and user-friendly way. So, every now and then designers might search for, how to create an accordion menu. And, on that note, we created this video.

Accordion menu design might not be a challenge, but prototyping is. This type of collapsible menu animation in Figma might be a bit tricky. But, don’t you worry. We tried our best to explain it as easily as possible.

All you have to do is just follow us with this Figma tutorial. And, you can use the trick in no time in your design. This feature is not in beta anymore, like it used to be.

This is a tutorial from our Figma Tutorial video series. So, if you would like to learn UI UX design in Figma, we suggest you have a look at our various other videos from this Figma tutorial playlist

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