Figma web design inspiration for Service Section design – Figma tutorial

In this Figma web design video we are sharing three different, simple, minimal service section designs for your next project.

In this Figma web design, we are sharing three different, simple, minimal service section designs for your next UI/UX design project. We used Figma auto layout, Figma components, and Figma smart animate to make this.

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We showed three very simple but very practical service section designs in this video. These are simple to make and deliver the information properly. And, because of the use of Figma auto layout, Figma components, and Figma smart animate. Design manipulation is much easier if needed.

We will post these kinds of web design inspiration more often. And not just service section design. We will try to cover every possible section on a website. You can also recommend us for our next video if you want.

UI Design to Real Site

We are not just stopping on web design in Figma. We will also convert this into a functional service section in design in the next video. Elementor in WordPress will be our page builder for that. So, keep an eye for that Elementor tutorial.

Also, this is not going to be the only service section on the website. This is just the first one of many web designs inspiration. And every week we post videos on new UI design inspiration. Either it is the full business website or sections like these.

So, for weekly website design inspiration or UI design inspiration please subscribe. And click the bell icon if you don’t want to miss any of that. And, of course for the Elementor services section in the next video.

This is a tutorial from our Figma Tutorial video series. So, if you would like to learn UI UX design in Figma, we suggest you have a look at our various other videos from this Figma tutorial playlist

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