Figma website design – minimalist Interior website design for business

This video is about a simple and minimalist Figma website design for an interior business. This is not just minimal but very modern too.

We did a simple and minimalist interior website design for business. And I did it in Figma. This Figma website design is not just aesthetically good looking but ensured it can recreate by Gutenberg page editor in WordPress.

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This video will give you an idea of how to design a website in Figma. We went through how to prep and set for UI design. And, if you are totally new to Figma, then this can give you a solid idea of the whole work process in Figma.

So, not just UI/UX designer, if you are a WordPress themes developer. This Figma tutorial will give you a clear picture of the Figma design system. And can get at least the basic answers of how to use Figma design.

We had to be very careful when we designed this. For say, the hero section of this Figma website design. We have gone through the existing blocks of the WordPress Gutenberg page editor. Tried out some of the possibilities for the final design of this Figma tutorial.

In recent trends of UI/UX design, interior website design is preferred to be minimal and use lots of white spaces. So, for this Figma website design, we’ve considered that very carefully. For say, for the service section. We tried to represent all points but also maintain the balance of the white space in the design.

Figma to real Site conversion

Eventually, it’s safe to say, we did lots and lots of trial and error using Gutenberg Page builder in this WordPress theme. The defined how to use Figma for this UI/UX design. But maybe we will use a few CSS styling lines in this Figma Website design when we will build this in WordPress. But again, we tried our best to use as little as possible.

But at the end of the day, it is our goal to make this Figma tutorial as easy as possible when it comes to learning. And, as I mentioned, you will be able to know, how to design a site in Figma. That’s the goal of this Figma website tutorial.

This is a tutorial from our Figma Tutorial video series. So, if you would like to learn UI UX design in Figma, we suggest you have a look at our various other videos from this Figma tutorial playlist

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