DevOps Definition & Fundamentals | Day-1

In this first DevOps bite-size tutorial, we discuss the DevOps definition, its fundamentals, why DevOps, and so on.

DevOps definition:

A simple DevOps definition is “A culture or practice that you adopt in your organization”.

End goal:

To improve your organization’s ability to quickly deliver applications, aiming for completion within 1-2 days or even hours.

It’s important to note that DevOps isn’t just about delivering; it’s about making delivery better. How? Simply put, by automating tasks and eliminating manual steps. DevOps also ensures quality by consistently monitoring and testing the application.

Why DevOps?

To make things quicker, DevOps speeds up the delivery process.

For instance, if an application needs updates, waiting 5-10 days to get them to users isn’t ideal. DevOps helps by automating tasks and making the process faster.

A decade ago, before DevOps became common, different people handled everything from creating servers to deploying, testing, and releasing applications on production servers. This involved roles like System Administrators, Testers, Build Release Engineers, and Server Administrators.

Application deploy model 10 years ago.
An example of a simplified App. deploy model 10 years ago

Because many people were involved, and everything was done manually. DevOps emerged to automate this and speed up delivering applications.

Now, let’s delve deeper into what DevOps means.

DevOps definition, in-depth:

It’s a way to make delivering applications better by focusing on:

  • Automation
  • Quality
  • Monitoring
  • Testing

This is just the beginning, and I just discussed about DevOps Definition & Fundamentals. Read the next chapter here SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle and DevOps | Day-2

About the Author

Jamal is a Full-stack Developer having more than 12+ years of experience and is based in Helsinki, Finland. He is doing his 9-5 Developer job but, in his free time, he loves to create tutorials and connect with people.

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