Best WordPress page builders 2021 compared

Before 2014 we had to depend on a developer with lots of experiences on HTML, CSS and so, just to build a simple web page. Developers are not cheap, thankfully, we have way easier alternatives now.

This article will compare the 7 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2020. WordPress page builders introduced us to a new generation of website designing. The generation of zero codings and the drag & drop functionality. Page Builders makes it possible to create a highly professional WordPress based website easily, within the budget and all by yourself.

The page builder is an extraordinary addition to WordPress. It gives the web designing a live visual dimension. That is why not just non-technical personnel use page builders but the technical persons also are very appreciative of this. Lots of professionals use it for faster and more productive outputs.

What’s the point to use the best WordPress Page Builder in 2020?

Let’s say Mr. John Oliver is the owner of an online-based small grocery shop. Mr. Oliver takes orders from his website and delivers the goods to the customers. But the list of grocery items is endless, and none of the prices is fixed in any way. Names and pricings are changing almost every day. That’s why Mr. Oliver needs to update his website constantly. For this, he has to hire a full-time developer, and I mentioned earlier, this option is not cheap at all.

The page builder is an easy fix of Mr. Oliver’s problem. It makes his work easy and convenient. Even though Mr. Oliver doesn’t know anything about coding, simply drag and drop features make his job not just easier but faster than ever.

The things you can do with page builders are amazing. Here are a few to mention.

  • A slider to feature the most recent promotions.
  • A WooCommerce product gallery with the most popular items in the shop.
  • An Add To Cart button for the most recent release.
  • A list of testimonials from past customers.
  • A countdown timer announcing the most recent product launch.
  • A navigational menu at the top, guiding customers to the best categories.
  • Social sharing buttons.
  • Animated headlines to explain your company and the products it sells.

And all these all by yourself. Initial setup may take some time, but after you get used to it, It’s as easy as pie.

Here are the best WordPress page builders 2020 compared

  1. Elementor
  2. Visual Composer
  3. Divi
  4. Beaver Builder
  5. SiteOrigin Page Builder
  6. Oxygen
  7. Live Composer

Having that said, let’s go ahead, check out the best drag and drop WordPress page builders for 2020. 

Elementor - Best WordPress Page Builders 2020

Why you should go with Elemnetor WordPress page builder in 2020?

  • Theme Builder lets you customize every part of your theme.
  • Visually design forms and integrate them seamlessly
  • Professional templates and blocks
  • Key professional widgets and features

One of the most popular WordPress page builders “Elemnetor” was first released in 2016. This amazing page builder got its highest ranking on WordPress within a very short time, with a 4+ million active installation.

Elementor has both a free and pro version. But you can start using it for free with lots of cool features and widgets. Pro version has some advantages regarding widgets. Price may start from $49 to $199 per year.

Visual Composer - reliable WordPress Page Builders for 2020

Why Visual Composer WordPress page builder?

  • Clean, modern interface
  • Ability to save element presets
  • Ability to save rows/sections as a template
  • Over 200 premium, third-party addons available
  • Affordable for personal, one-site use

The Creators of WPBakery which we used to create some Awesome Themes is behind the ‘Visual Composer’. It is one of the popular WordPress page builders out there. Besides begin easy to use, this page builder has tons of features in it which loved by professional developers also.

Visual Composer has tons of professional templates and plugins built into it. Because of these, you will have full control of spaces, borders, background, parallax effects, and more. Just click on the are of the page you can change anything with a live output.

Divi - Most Awesome WordPress Page Builders in 2020

Why choose Divi WordPress page builder in 2020?

  • Tons of Free Divi Resources
  • Great Security
  • Awesome Documentation & Support Forum
  • Lifetime updates

Divi is one of the best WordPress page builders in 2020 that lots of people love. The team of Elegant Themes developed this page builder. Using this, you can design both front ends which are the visual and also back end. Divi plugins are the main attraction of the Divi theme, and if you want you can use these separately. Divi plugins’ unique capabilities make it so unique and highly functional. But you have to be a member to use Divi. You can get yearly access for $89 and lifetime access for $249.

Beaver Builder - an awesome Page Builders for WordPress

Why choose Beaver Builder for WordPress?

  • Full Embrace of GPL Freedoms
  • Rock Solid Code and Stability
  • Large, Thriving, (and Helpful) Freelance Community.

Beaver Builder is another truly one of the most popular WordPress page builders in 2020 out there. Its outstanding plugins and features are appreciated by both beginners and professionals. Although it is not that cheap as compared to other page builders in this list. But you can get full control for a year of your website by paying $99, which goes up to $399.

SiteOrigin - lightweight page builder for WordPress

Reason to choose SiteOrigin page builder for WordPress

  • SiteOrigin page builder live editor mode
  • Creating layout grids with rows and columns
  • Adding widgets to your custom page layout

If you are looking for a lightweight page builder for WordPress with lots of CSS control, you might find SiteOrigin very fascinating. It has lots of prebuild modules, which helps a non-coder to build beautiful pages, and it also supports lots of third party widgets which preferred by even professional developers. It has over 1 million active installations makes it an easy choice for you.

Oxygen - lightweight page builder

Reason to choose Oxygen WordPress page builder

  • Flexbox Layout Engine
  • Custom Icon Sets and Fonts
  • Scroll Animations, Filter and Transformations.

Even though we are putting it in this list, but Oxygen page builder for WordPress is not a typical page builder like others. It is a hybrid combination of theme and page builder. It is more of a Photoshop of webpage designing. This system has tons of features to design a page smoothly and not hard to learn at all. You can get this by a one-time payment starts from $99 and up to $169 depending on features.

Live Composer - popular Page Builder

Some reason to choose Oxygen WordPress page builder

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Large set in a single plugin with automatic update
  • Same-day email support

Live Composer is another popular WordPress page builder with more than 30 thousand active installations. It is mostly famous for e-commerce sites. It is a free page builder, and the only part you have to pay is the WooCommerce plugin an extremely powerful plugin for an e-commerce site. It’s simple drag and drop interface gives the user a very friendly environment to design a website with zero coding experience. It’s a one-time payment starts from $49 and goes up to $99, which makes it pretty convenient.

To sum up, all of the above-mentioned page builders are one of the best on their own. Each has unique features and functionalities. It’s up to the user to choose regarding user-friendliness and may depend on the business type of the user.

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