Terms & Conditions

Purchased the theme from our Website?

Refund policy:

If you buy a theme from our website (essentialwebapps.com), then here is how a refund work:

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If during the next 30 days you experience an issue that makes the theme unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we’ll happily consider offering a full refund of your money.

This policy does not cover refunds for the following cases:

  • Missing feature(s)
  • 3rd party conflict
  • Discovering a better alternative
  • Customer changed their mind

We use a secure third-party service for payments and licenses. So, when we issue a refund, it could take some days to weeks to appear in your account depending on their processing methods.

Item support policy:

If you buy the Theme from our website (essentialwebapps.com), we offer support as long as the subscription is valid.

Support includes

  • Answering questions about the theme, letting you know its features.
  • Fixing bugs.

Support does not include

  • Customizations (anything more than a few lines of CSS, HTML code).
  • Creating features/layouts/elements that are not available on the theme’s previews.
  • Third-party plugins conflict.

How do we provide support?

We are serious about support and want you to get the best out of your website with our Themes. If you run into any difficulties using our WordPress theme, there are several places you can find help:

  • Our extensive documentation of the theme contains easy and details instructions for most of the situations you may face. Read the documentation for the theme you’re using. We also appreciate you visiting our support page to see all resources.
  • We have a YouTube channel that has lots of videos regarding our various Theme installation process along with other WordPress help videos. These will help you figure out most of the situation you encounter
  • If you are in a situation where our theme is not working as expected and need technical support, you can contact us anytime with the details and our support team will assist you. Our average response time is 12 hours to 36 hours on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • If you need a new feature or customization of the theme, our WordPress professionals can provide that too with a small fee. For that, please contact us with all the customization details. We will get back to you as soon as possible along with a possible quote

Purchased the theme from other Marketplaces?

We are selling some of our themes on other marketplaces like Envato and so on.

Refund policy:

If you purchase the Theme from those marketplaces, please check their refund policy and/or check the Item details to see the item refund policy. For example, here are Themeforest refund policy details.

Item support policy:

If you purchase the Theme from those marketplaces, please check their support policy and/or check the Item details to see the item support policy. For example, here are Themeforest support policy details.

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