WordPress Post

Here we will learn about the basics of WordPress Posts. Let’s get started. Before we start please log in to your WordPress admin panel.

From Dashboard mouse over on Posts and click All Posts.

WordPress Post 1

To add a new post click on this Add New Button

WordPress Post 2

You can also edit the existing posts by clicking on this edit button.

When you click on this edit button it will take you to the edit post view. This is the title of your post, you can change it according to your preference.

These are the descriptions of the post.

Usually, the default WordPress blocks like Heading, Paragraph, Image, etc are used for description. You can easily add more blocks as your need by clicking on this Plus Icon.

You can use any of those blocks simply just drag and drop the block anywhere on the editor.

Blocks can be found using this search box also.

Now if you click here on the right panel, it will open for you. Where you can edit some more post settings.

If you scroll down, you will see the options for category and tags. Here you can select the category and add new tags for your post.

If you expand this Featured Image option you can change the image or replace it by clicking on the image.

When you click on the image it will open the bellow screen for you. From there, you can add a new image by uploading, or you can replace it with existing images on media.

Lastly, you can edit the excerpt of the post which usually shows after the title. Some themes come with different templates, you can select the template from the next option.

WordPress Category

Here, we will learn about WordPress Categories. Before we start let’s log in to your dashboard.

Now, hover over the Posts and click on Categories.

WordPress Category settings

You can add a new category from the left side of the category page.

Category settings WordPress

To add a category, give a name, slug and if you want it as a child category, then select a parent of this category from this Parent Category option.

WordPress Category

Next, the description. You can add some description here but not all themes show this in the front view. Some themes also come with the image option. You can add a category image in the next option, then click this add new category button.

Category settings

If you want to edit an existing category, just click this edit button and it will take you to this edit category page.

Category settings in WordPress

WordPress Category

In some cases, if you need the ID of a category, just bring your mouse pointer onto the category name and you will see a category&tag_ID at the bottom of the screen. This is the ID (here it is 5) of your category. Some of our themes have the widget option to exclude some categories from the front page if you wish. So this is useful in this case.

WordPress Category docs

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